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AltMOUSE teaches computer users to cognitively work with hotkeys more efficiently.
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Ticken is an online typing course that teaches you blind typing with 10 fingers.

WORK & MOVE employee well-being software

WORK & MOVE Employee wellbeing software is your personal coach, providing enough alternation between digital screen work and mental and physical movement. Insight and feedback are given on your computer behaviour. The software advises on an optimal work-movement-break rythm on the basis of your personal needs and helps you to create your own rythm.

Our most important tool is our attention or concentration. Through an hourly mental recovery moment of minimal 3 minutes you prevent for a concentration lapse. As a result you get more work done during the day and you have more energy left at the end of your workday.

Why mental and physical movement moments
By building in periodical mental and physical movement moments you keep being concentrated and energetic, you make less mistakes and the quality of your work improves. Through WORK & MOVE you get more done in a day and you have more energy left at the end of the day.

Why mental movement?
Scientific research shows that our brain gets tired after 40 to 50 minutes of continuous effort resulting in lower acting speed and more mistakes. Your brain needs at least 3 minutes to detach from your work. Through mental movement your brain recharges and you can continue fit and concentrated.

Does WORK & MOVE work for me too?
Most certainly, because scientific research shows that relaxing frequently and on time has o positive effect on performance and feeling comfortable at work. Regarding performance we see this reflected in less typing errors and regarding energy we see fitter digital screen workers.

Four tools
The WORK & MOVE software includes four tools that demonstrably and structurally improve the working comfort and efficiency of each individual knowledge worker and of the organisation as a whole. Download a free WORK & MOVE trial version, and experience the convenience of working healthily and efficiently.

Gold-certified Microsoft partner

Gold certification is the highest accreditation that Microsoft awards. We have all the required knowledge and expertise to provide solutions for Microsoft platforms.

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